We are offering a

10 year Guarantee

for total peace of mind

French Doors

French doors bring light and style to your home, without compromising on security or warmth. Our range of uPVC French doors are available in a wide choice of styles, colours and glass options, with a performance which lasts.​

Energy efficient French Doors

Our double rebated French doors fit their frame securely to eliminate draughts and bring warmth to your home. All our doors have an A++ energy performance, which helps reduce heating costs and ensures your home is a cosy place for you and your family.

Some of the key benefits to our upvc doors include:


We believe security and warmth go hand-in-hand. We make sure our doors are airtight to prevent draughts.

Putting measures in place to stop a burglar from entering your home is the best way to safeguard against intrusion.

While security cameras and alarms may help in the aftermath of a break in, they won’t necessarily prevent it from happening. Investing in secure doors can.